Pure Organic Tastes

For more than 30 years, Organic Flavour Company has been synonym for high-quality biological (herbal) teas, herbs and spices, and dried vegetables. With the Piramide brand, we offer a wide assortment of therapeutic herbs, (herbal) tea, kitchen herbs and spices. In addition, we also have the Marmello brand, for our “jam makers” and jelly products, and the Natural Temptation brand. Our products are available via natural food and health food stores in Holland as well as Belgium. We only produce responsible products which are both healthy and tasty, and our ultimate goal is to let consumers enjoy their 'natural' food. In this respect, we apply the Fairtrade principles to ensure that we not only have the best products at the best prices, but that farmers can also make their living in better economic and hygienic conditions.


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